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Mekong preparatory meeting

The meeting is coming soon! Youth is ready.

Logo of the Water Messengers Campaing

Water Messengers

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Water Awareness 2015

Send your ideas for water on the collaborative platform.

Youth is energy for the World Water Day

Distinction Prized

Alexandra from Haiti wins a distintionfor her implication

Water Equality

Facebook campaign on human right to water

Welcome to the website of the World Youth Parliament for Water !

The World Youth Parliament for Water is a network of young people acting for water. We are active in 71 countries, with as mission to advocate for youth participation in the water sector, and to implement concrete actions for water. We act at all levels: from our local communities, where we implement concrete actions and lay the foundations for universal access to water and sanitation, to the United Nations General Assembly, where we advocate for youth participation in the water sector.

Youth are an important catalyst for change. Together with other civil society groups, governments, economic actors, etc. we can reshape our future. The decisions taken today do influence directly our future, and every investment we do now to tackle water-related challenges, avoids that we have to make harder efforts in the future. That’s why we call upon all of you to join us, to show the power of youth, as major actor for a water safe world.

We invite you to have a look at our website. You’ll find information about the team, our missions and what we do at local, regional and global level. Please feel free to contact us whenever you want.

Let’s think of our future, let’s think of our water !

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